Pool Pricing

We have a knowledgeable & experienced team preparing for pool opening season and anxiously awaiting the request to open your pool for your private, and secluded paradise to be enjoyed in your very own backyard. Pricing for openings vary as each custom pool is different. We have listed some base pricing below.

The opening includes:

  • Removal of the pool cover
  • Neatly folding the cover for easy storage and re-installation in the fall 
  • Removing all plugs from return and suction outlets
  • Installing all removed fittings during closing
  • Return fittings will be re-installed, pump baskets and skimmer baskets placed in their correct location
  • ladders or stair packs will be re-installed
  • Any chemical feeders will be connected to the system(if applicable) as well as any features such as waterfalls or deck jets
  • Equipment like salt cells or cartridge filters will also be re-installed and the circulation system started.
UP TO 18'X36' $480
18'X36' TO 20'X40' $540
OVER 20'X40'













*Pools must be filled prior to arrival. *All chemicals, waterfalls, spas and deck jets are additional costs to base price. If a return visit is requested for the initial vacuum, waterline cleaning and balancing of the pool water, this service will be supplied at a cost of $150 plus the chemicals needed to balance and taxes. We highly recommend the use of our seasonal chemical kit. This kit comes with three 1 liter bottles of chemicals to avoid any staining and algae growth in the beginning of the season. The kit comes at a cost of $65 and will treat any pool up to 100,000L (18’x 36’ or smaller). If the pool volume is larger than 18’ x 36’ a second kit will be required. We also would like to advise maintenance visits are also available at a cost of $110 per visit, no chemicals are included in opening or maintenance services. We can however visit as often as you would like for maintenance.

FREE Water Testing!

Bring in a sample of your pool water and we will provide you a detailed reading to advise on what chemicals you require ensuring balanced swimming water!

Products & Services We Provide:

3 Pool & Spa Chemicals - Pool Accessories - Pool Toys - Pool Equipment - Heater - Filter - Pump - Hayward - Pentair - Automation - Liners - Safety Covers - Pool Opening - Pool Maintenance - Pool Closing - Automatic Cleaners - & MORE!

Our swimming pool products will keep your swimming pool crystal clear all season long. Your pool will be protected against algae, bacteria, viruses, and anything else that may stop the fun in your swimming pool.

We want your family's stay-cation vacation spot fun and relaxing all summer long! So breath in... exhale... and relax...



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